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 Sell Santa Cruz Renovation
We front the costs, you realize the equity. 

If you have equity in your home and want to improve the curb appeal, complete some repairs, or renovate your home before selling, Team Sell Santa Cruz will get you the best possible price with no upfront cost to you.
Here are three ways Sell Santa Cruz can customize your home sale experience.
1.      Wholesale – When speed and ease is more important than the return
-         Sell your home quickly in its present “as-is” condition.
-         Find a Buyer within 30 days by marketing to Investors.
2.      Repaired – Maximize your equity by completing repairs prior to listing
-         We front the cost of making repairs and coordinate licensed Vendors.
-         Broker & Vendors are paid at sale through the escrow company.
3.      Renovation – Create value by completing major renovations before sale
-         Our Team makes remodeling suggestions and helps coordinate Vendors.
-         Broker & Vendors absorb some of the upfront cost until the sale completes.
-         You walk away with more equity by selling a turn-key home.

If these options resonate with you contact John Flaniken with Sell Santa Cruz at 831-334-0890, or email your questions to

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